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20+ years of Designing Brand Identity

A lot has changed since 2003, from Facebook and the iPhone to Brexit and #MeToo. Brands reflect these changes, respond to them, and, in some cases, help usher them in.


 Alina Wheeler 

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Alina Wheeler was a branding expert and sought-after speaker whose invigorating presentations were enjoyed by design and business audiences across the US and internationally. She led branding and design teams for public and private companies. She worked in the design trenches and gave CEO presentations. She helped brand companies, products, and initiatives, using the proven process outlined in her classic book.

 Rob Meyerson 

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Rob Meyerson is a brand consultant who works with business leaders to build identities for their organizations, products, and services. Beyond names and logos, he believes identities are defined through beliefs, words, and actions. He has led brand strategy teams at global branding agencies and small boutiques in the US, Shanghai, and Southeast Asia. Past clients range from start-ups to the Fortune 100.


When Alina wrote Designing Brand Identity, she created more than a book—she created a community.

Fans of the book from around the world sent Alina photos of themselves holding the book, which she would post on social media. The sixth edition is the first to include some of these selfies.

We'd like to continue what Alina started. To send us a photo for use on social media (and maybe in a future edition!), please use the form below.

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